Tigress was an orphan whose status as a predator and her destructive lack of control of her strength left her feared and isolated in the rest of the orphanage where she lived. Master Shifu, the Kung Fu guru, came to kindly teach her the discipline she desperately needed to control her movements until she could perform delicate tasks with ease enough to allay the concerns of the orphanage and the kids that lived there.




Similarly, despite being gifted with the amazing ability to think, analyse and reason critically, we human beings have the tendency of going haywire, both physically as well as psychologically.

In order to control and hone this skill, we need to follow a set of rules. Religiously. And so are the criteria for the Logical Reasoning section in CLAT.

Aspirants take a lot more time than needed for the Logical Reasoning section since logic questions (especially the Critical ones) tend to be ambiguous if not read carefully and, also, students are very apprehensive of an unsure answer due to negative marking. But that exactly is the purpose of the negative marking system. The aspirant has to learn to focus and answer quickly while keeping her calm and composure intact.

There are many ways one can solve a logical reasoning question but every student should identify one fixed technique for one kind of questions and perfect this technique.

They have to approach each question with confidence in their instincts and ability to solve the question. Trust us, this will make it so much easier to finish all the questions on time.

A right mentor. Passionate drive. Being sensible and reasonable while solving the questions. Consistent. Good exercises or solving a great deal of good quality problems. These are the mandate for CLAT.

Tigr-ace it!

Logic carries 40 marks in CLAT

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