There are five subjects for CLAT, namely Legal Reasoning, General Knowledge, Logical Reasoning, English and Maths. At times, these five behave furiously. More furious than the furious five from Kung Fu Panda.

(We hope that you have watched the movies. We see’em as one of the most inspiring ones. Once you are done watching the movies, you would want to watch its T.V. series. Do watch them. Apart from getting entertained, they will teach you a lot. For CLAT and, more importantly, for life.)





But trust us, it is not difficult to tame them. You would need to learn a few techniques, understand a few concepts, work and hone your skills with utmost dedication and patience before you take them head-on.

Our task here is to teach you the methods, the techniques and hone enough skills in you to be able to be a successful tamer.


Happy Taming the Furious Five!

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