Branches of Science, Elements and Compounds

Legal Terminology

Firsts, India and the World

United Nations & other World Organisations

Introduction to Law

Legal Maxims

Scientific Explanations of Common Phenomena

Branches of Science

Evolution of the Indian Legal System

Introduction the the Constitution

The World of Sports

Indian Defence – Armed Forces

Emblems, Parliaments, Capitals & Currencies

Balanced Diet for a human being

Legal GK : Questions from past years’ papers

Important Facts about the Human Body

Important Legal Books and Quotations

Census of 2011

Banking in India and Inflation

National Income and the Income Tax Structure

The Revolutions & the Industries

Five Year Plans

Indian Polity – UPSC, Comptroller & Auditor General, Attorney General, Election Commission

Indian Polity – State Legislatures and High Courts

Understanding Triple Talaq

Indian Polity : The Supreme Court, The Governor & The Chief Minister

An Introduction to the Constitution

The Legal Effects of Demonetisation

The Parliament and the Representation of States and Union Territories

The President, The Vice-President and the Prime Minister

Constitution : Schedules, Fundamental Rights, Forms of Writs, Parts of the Constitution and the New States created after 1950

World GK : Major Lakes, Continents, Oceans, Major Mountains, Deserts, Gulfs, Peninsulas, Cities on River Banks, Countries, Important Towns associated with Industries and Geographical Surnames

Books, Newspapers and Journals of the Freedom Struggle Era

Biggest, Highest, longest, largest in the World

Important National Activities from 1885 to 1997

The Viceroys of India

The Revolt of 1857 & the Social and Cultural Uprisings

The Advent of the Europeans and the Governor-Generals

The Constituent Assembly and the borrowed features of the Constitution

Indian Geography II – Important Indian Towns on Rivers and the Largest, Longest, Highest & Smallest in India

Indian Geography I

The Mughals

Dynasties and Rulers in Medieval India

Dynasties & Rulers in Ancient India

Buddhism and Jainism

The Vedic Literature

The Vedic Period

Indus Valley Civilization

General Knowledge Strategy for CLAT 2017

CLATapult’s General Knowledge Schedule for the Year

Basic Units of Measurement

National Symbols of India

Common and Scientific Names

Headquarters of International Organisations

Scientific Instruments

Landmark Indian and Foreign Legal cases

Books by Indian Authors

Important dates around the world

Sports Tournaments

Inventors and their Inventions

Architecture in India

Art and Culture in India

Books and Authors

Introduction to CLAT General Knowledge

Preparing for those 10 Minutes of CLAT GK

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