Monkey is the friendliest and most approachable of the five. Monkey is the first to recognize his friends’ determination, appreciating them and informing them that they all will succeed in their quests.

He seems to harbor the strongest sense of humor also.




Similarly, English is the first one amongst the furious five in CLAT. It is the easiest, friendliest and the most approachable one. It looks after every aspirant’s aspiration, helps them with their confidence and pushes them forward, thus, providing them with happiness.

Comprehension, Vocabulary and Grammar.

The English section of every single entrance exam deals with these there important aspects of English. There is no dearth of materials pertaining to these three aspects of English, both online as well as offline.

For vocabulary, clichéd as it may sound, read the editorials. Look up common Latin, French, Spanish and Japanese words.

Look up synonyms and antonyms of random words.

Carry a pocket Dictionary at all times. It does help.

Work through the book ‘Word Power Made Easy’ by Norman Lewis.

Read as many passages as you can and solve questions that follow for Comprehension practice. ‘Practice’ is the key word here.

Grammar has Sentence Completion, Sentence Correction, Sentence Transformation, Phrasal Verbs and Spellings. You already have dealt with all these while you were in School. Pick up one good book on grammar and brush them up, all over again.

English carries 40 marks in CLAT.


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