Crane was an under-confident cleaner of a Kung Fu Academy where everybody looked down upon him. However, the finest student in the academy, Mei Ling, discovered his skills and aspiration and convinced him to participate in the try-outs to become an honoured Kung Fu specialist.

Though his nerve faltered at first, Crane accidentally wandered into the obstacle course when ordered to clean it up for the next batch of students. When the prospective students questioned his eligibility, he quickly found the confidence to surpass it, and passed with flying colours.



Crane’s life before becoming a Kung Fu expert resembles that of most aspirants’ approach towards CLAT’s Mathematics Section. Most of us end up getting cold feet when it comes to Maths.

But the fact of the matter is that the level of maths one is tested on in CLAT is elementary Xth grade Maths (a cakewalk with just a bit of practice) and that too minus most tricky areas (the cherry on the cake).

There is a simple strategy for this section. Know the syllabus, know the basics, and practice the simple questions thoroughly. Finally, polish your understanding by doing a handful of just-one-level-higher questions and you are good to go.

Mathematics carries 20 marks in CLAT. Plays the role of the king-maker in CLAT, despite having the smallest presence in the paper.

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