CLATapult has been in existence since more than 4 years now.

It witnessed a meteoric rise from a single digit strength to three digit in a matter of 4 years.

With results each year exceeding that of the previous one in every sense, it has made a difference in the way CLAT aspirants are taught, in Kolkata. The unique idea of having the students of NUJS, Kolkata as the faculty has worked wonders.

There are several reasons behind why this has been a successful journey for CLATapult.

Firstly, the folks who teach in CLATapult (Currently, we have 12) gave CLAT within the last 3-4 years, which is not a long time ago. And the icing on the cake is, they secured ranks within top-200 in CLAT, which by no means is an easy feat to attain.

Their minds are still afresh with the memories of how they evolved from a confused law aspirant to a successful student of a premier National Law School. They understand the intricacies of this incredibly competitive exam, where more than 40000 students vie for a mere 240 seats to get entry into the finest 3 National Law Schools; viz. NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS (although we have 19 National Law Universities in all under the ambit of CLAT).


That, obviously, make them the best bets to teach aspiring CLAT aspirants since they have already proven their mettle.

Everybody associated with CLATapult, right from its 5 founders to all the teachers to the folks who drafted and are still drafting the study materials, is from NUJS. And that is what has set it apart from the rest!


We have discovered that a bustling city like Bhubaneswar is gasping for breath in terms of lack of quality teachers for CLAT.

There is a big rabbit (synonymous to an established Coaching Institution in Bhubaneswar) that has forever exploited CLAT aspirants from Bhubaneswar monetarily. They charge a hefty amount from aspirants and then dump them under the supervision of MBA experts. CLAT aspirants being taught by MBA experts! Funny enough?

This is the sole reason why not many students from Bhubaneswar make it to premier National Law Schools, despite a jaw-dropping strength preparing and sitting for CLAT each year from the city.

We have decided to try to bring some change to this precarious scenario in Bhubaneswar. 

We will bring the goodness of CLATapult to Bhubaneswar. All the goodness!

Founders from NUJS (in fact, one of our founders hails from Bhubaneswar), Faculty from NUJS, drafting of the materials and mocks from NUJS folks!

Be ready to get amused by the sheer awesomeness of being a part of CLATapult.



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