Siddharth Dey

Inspired by the ‘Make in India’ initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CLATapult has come up with its own ‘Make in CLATapult’ policy. Siddharth is the poster-boy of this policy.

He joined CLATapult for its one year course in 2013 and secured the ranks of 124 and 7 in CLAT and AILET respectively.

After spending a year preparing for CLAT, Siddharth understands the intricacies of Legal Reasoning well vis-a-vis CLAT, and hence, teaches the subject in CLATapult.


In his third year in NUJS now, Siddharth has served as a member of the Moot Court Society of the University. He is an ardent follower of lawn tennis and has played and participated with success in a number of local tournaments. 

Shreshth Singh Tomar 

Having fetched ranks of 152 and 18 in CLAT and AILET respectively, Shreshth is the Legal Reasoning faculty in CLATapult. His credentials as the Legal faculty is further backed by the fact that he was a part of the moot team that became the quarter-finalist at the Frankfurt International Arbitration Moot Court, Germany, in March, 2017.

His achievements range from having passed the General English Spoken Examination held by Trinity College, London to being the member of the Cultural Committee and the Informal Discussion Group in NUJS.

Amrita Ghosh

Amrita is a second year in NUJS and teaches English in CLATapult. She is a terrific academic performer with a class rank of 1 (out of a batch of 125 people). 

Amrita Ghosh, English Faculty, CLATapult

Amrita Ghosh, English Faculty, CLATapult

She also serves as the Research Assistant to Dr. Kavita Singh (Associate Professor in Criminology) and Dr. Shameek Sen (Assistant Professor in Constitutional Law) and is a working member of the Society for Advancement of Criminal justice and the NUJS Legal AID Society.

Mustafa Aqueel Rasheed

Mustafa is a 3rd year student at NUJS and is the epitome of dedication and honesty. He teaches Logical Reasoning in CLATapult and had a CLAT Rank of 181.

Mustafa Rasheed, Logical Reasoning Faculty, CLATapult

Mustafa Rasheed, Logical Reasoning Faculty, CLATapult

Being a fitness freak, he was recommended by the 19th Allahabad SSB to join the 130th NDA (Air Force) Course.

Mustafa also has excellent organisational skills . He was the coordinator of the 2017 Outlawed, the Cultural Fest of NUJS. He is an avid reader and enjoys travelling.

Ishani Moulik

Ishani teaches Logical Reasoning in CLATapult. From being the runners-up in the Lawasia moot held in Colombo based on Intellectual Property Rights and Arbitration to being the CBSE All-India topper in History and Political Science, her CV boasts of several achievements.

Ishani Moulik, Logical Reasoning Faculty, CLATapult

Ishani Moulik, Logical Reasoning Faculty, CLATapult

Ishani has presented a paper titled ‘India’s responsibility of Development and Climate Reconciling Change’ at the prestigious TISS and has participated in several debates and MUNs. She also serves as member of the NUJS Law Review, Constitutional Law Society and the Legal Aid Society.

Anjanesh Vatsa

With scores of 100 in Class Xth and XIIth, Anjanesh teaches Mathematics in CLATapult and is sort of a wizard in the subject. 

His interests range from being a Student Researcher in the NUJS Center for Child Rights in partnership with UNICEF to being a debater, having reached the semi-finals in the Ulgulan National Parliamentary Debate in NUSRL, Ranchi among others. He had also won the first prize for the best idea in the district-level Science Congress.

Anjanesh is an avid sports player and reader.

Arbina Dey

Having fetched 94% in both Xth and XIIth, Arbina is academically inclined and has a batch rank of 3 (in a batch of 125 people).

Arbina Dey, GK Faculty, CLATapult

Arbina Dey, GK Faculty, CLATapult

Apart from teaching GK in CLATapult, she serves as the member of the NUJS Academics Reforms Committee, Legal Aid Clinic and the Constitutional Law Society.

Arbina won the 2nd prize in an Essay Competition by the Department of Forestry, Government of Jharkhand and is a social influencer at WAKEUPKID, an initiative aimed at empowering children and youth.




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