CLATapult: CLAT Coaching in Kolkata by NUJS, Kolkata Students

CLATapult prepares law aspirants for CLAT and other law entrance exams.

But hey! Dozens of men, women, institutes and rabbits do that. Yes, even rabbits now offer CLAT coaching!

What makes CLATapult different?

It’s the punch-line time: Tera kya hoga re rabbit?

For coaching institutions (Big Rabbits), CLAT is CAT with an extra L. For Big Rabbits, L is an alphabet, a business proposition, some extra bucks in their bottom-line. CLAT means easy money: throw in one law module into the CAT study material, and we have a CLAT batch!

Grow Rabbits, Grow! Rabbits grow astonishingly fast.

For CLATapult, L is law, L is law aspirants. L is our love and also our livelihood. And well, if we mess up our livelihood, we won’t live for long. So L, for us, really is life.

L, for CLATapult, also means being a part of justice being done. Well, it is J for justice, but still.

We understand that even for you L is life, a career shaping choice; rest assured that you are in safe hands, which hold a powerful clatapult.

Summary: CLATapult teaches only law aspirants and is an enemy of the Big Rabbit.



Presently, CLATapult has two coaching centers in Kolkata where all the classes are taken by present students of NUJS Kolkata. The addresses are:


South Kolkata Center:

South Kolkata Center: 20E, Dhakuria Station Road, Kolkata, PIN: 700031 (Opp. Dakshinapan Shopping Complex)


Kangkurgachi (North Kolkata) Center:

P-11, CIT Road, Scheme-VII-M, Kolkata – 700054 (Near Manicktala Fire Station)

In case you have any query, comment or just want to say hi, please drop in an email at

You can reach us on phone at +91 9903635533 (Anzar Abbas).

CLATapult’s Teaching Methods

English, Maths, GK, Logic Reasoning and Legal Aptitude: these 5 subjects constitute the CLAT syllabus. Like other coaching institutes, we teach these subjects and then some more. No other coaching institute does that ‘some more’ bit. They will surely, after seeing us!

Two things:

1. We do experiments on law aspirants (medical trials and electrical shocks) which make them love the law and live the law. Fancy terms? We’ll explain soon.

2. When homo sapiens learnt to walk upright; things got revolutionized for humanity. And when the early man invented the wheel, things got revolutionized even more. We bring such more revolutions to your life. (Charles Darwin actually sent us a post card commending our efforts on making evolution faster). More on that in the next paragraphs.

Living the law and loving the law

Job Shadowing and Externships

Have you ever been inside a real courtroom? It can be an awe-inspiring visit! Have you ever seen what a law firm partner does? Would you like to see how law-related NGOs strive to make policy changes in Bills and Acts?

Law students (like the CLATapult founders) do internships which provide them real world (which is short, nasty and brutish) experience of law. We replicate that model here; though with slight adjustments. CLATapult provides job shadowing and externship experience for its students. Live the law!

Movies and Documentaries

What does a lawyer do? What are the thrills? What all can a lawyer do? Can she really change the world? Can she be the hero?
We show you select movies and documentaries which have revolve around lawyers and the law. They’ll stay with you, inspire you; till CLAT and beyond. Love the law!

Faster Evolution

Speed Reading

Let’s say that the CLAT exam has 10,000 words. With an average reading speed of 250 words/minute, a reader will take 40 minutes to merely go through the CLAT questions and answer options!

A basic speed reading course gets your reading speed up to 750 words/minute. You can now read the same CLAT exam in 12.5 minutes. This advantage of 25-30 minutes is so huge that people would be willing to trade an arm or a leg of theirs to get that.

Memory techniques

CLAT can be unpredictable. Some portions in CLAT might require memorization.

Ah! We hear loud protests (with accompanying banners): “Cramming is no education”! True.

However, a good memory is a huge asset anywhere in life. A CLAT aspirant with a good, bulletproof memory will surely do well. And you’ll be glad to know dear campaigners (you’ve still got the banners, right?) that the best senior counsels in the SC have one thing in common: their elephantine memory.

We teach you techniques, easily learned with practice and commonly used by memory champions, which make you the elephant! That really is evolution turned backward, but hope you got the point!

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