CLATapult Class Action 1 Year Course 400 hours of exhaustive coaching on CLAT subjects Speed Reading Techniques & Time Management Two work-sheets in every class 400 sectional tests 21 module books 60 mocks See Course Details here CLATapult Counsel 2 Year Course 600 hours of exhaustive coaching on CLAT subjects Speed Reading Techniques & Time Management Two work-sheets in every class 400 sectional tests 21 module books 60 mocks See Course Details here Slide CLATapult Correspondence Postal Course Speed Reading Techniques & Time Management 400 sectional tests 21 module books 60 mocks See Course Details here siddharth-dey CLATapult Media Mentions clat coaching near me

Highest proportion of students making it to NLUs in CLAT 2021

CLAT 2020: 30 Selections in NLSIU, NALSAR & NUJS

CLATegize - February’22 to CLAT 2022

5 live classes per week, Doubt-clearing sessions, 300+ recorded lectures, 26 modules (new pattern), 60 mocks, Current Affairs Monthlies, Sectional Tests & Subject-Centric Revision Tests, Speed Reading Techniques & Time Management, Online Support & Supplementary Content

12-month Course (Counsel) - for CLAT in December 2022

600 hours of classes, 5 classes a week (10 hours), 25 Modules, 120 Mocks, CA Monthly Magazines, 2000 Sectionals ( each with 20 questions), Access to Mobile Application for all the Content, Portal for Live Interactive Sessions as well as the recorded ones, Online Support through Facebook, WhatsApp & Telegram, Speed Reading Techniques & Time Management

1 Year Course (Class-Action) - for CLAT 2022

400 hours of classes, 5 classes a week (10 hours), 26 Modules, 60 Mocks, CA Monthly Magazines, 1000 Sectionals (each with 20 questions), 300+ Recorded Lectures on our Online Portal, Access to the Mobile App for all the Content, Online Support through Facebook, WhatsApp and Telegram, Speed Reading Techniques and Time Management

(Full amount refund if you make it to NLSIU, NALSAR, NUJS or NLUD. 50 % refund if it is NLUJ, GNLU or NLIU)

clat coaching center in kolkata

Why Should You Join CLATapult?

Who should teach you to paint? A businessman or a painter? I’ll bet on the painter.

Who should teach you to write? A businessman or a writer? I’ll bet on the writer.

And who should teach a law aspirant? A businessman or a law student? I’ll bet on the law student.

Been there, done that.

You’ve been at war. You know the trenches. The mines. The bunkers. The enemy. You know the bullets. And the machete. Because you’ve been at the war. And you know how to avoid the trenches and use the bunker. How to use the machete and avoid a mine.

That was why CLATapult came into being. We were saddened by the mushrooming of law coaching business. Every Tom, Dick, Harry and Rabbit came up with a CLAT coaching business. The existing CAT coaching institutions added a legal reasoning module to their existing study material and the CAT became CLAT.

For such coaching institutions L was just another alphabet. L was just a few more coins in their already bludgeoning purses.

For us, L holds a special meaning. L is our life, it’s our livelihood. L stands for law, for a powerful career option. With these ideals, CLATapult came into being.

Law coaching by law students. Not by businessmen.

#1 CLAT Coaching in Kolkata : CLATapult Kolkata

CLATapult Kolkata: The Best CLAT Coaching In Kolkata, W.B ( 9+ Years Of Experience In CLAT Coaching)



A good CLAT coaching in Kolkata such as CLATapult should be your go-to place if you are planning to become a lawyer. CLAT is as unpredictable as monsoon rains! One year, they might set questions that can cause MBA aspirants to sweat, and the very next year, they can ask, “Who is India’s Finance Minister?”

So what is the secret sauce for CLAT? Mocks! Ideally, one mock a day will keep a four-digit-rank away. Since,  your CLAT exam 2021 is just around the corner, drag yourself through a minimum of two to three mocks daily. Note down the questions you got wrong, check the answers with the help of the best CLAT coaching in Kolkata and if in doubt, call up your mentor. Remember – without this final step, all your efforts are in vain. 

Join Our New CLAT Coaching Center in Salt Lake Ultadanga near Bidhannagar Station

Due to our honest effect in redefining the way Law institutes were being run over the last decade, we have been getting a lot of popularity for the last 9 years, and this is why we have also started our new CLAT coaching center in Salt Lake Ultadanga near Bidhannagar station. Our Clat coaching classes are held near Salt Lake PNB, Sector 1 Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal. With more than 300+ students our CLAT classes 2021 are already a huge hit. If you are looking for a CLAT coaching center near Salt Lake, Bidhannagar then contact us today for demo classes or more information. We’ve launched our crash course for our students, you can contact us for more information regarding the same.

According to many students, CLATapult is the best CLAT coaching center in Kolkata and they are your BFF in your quest to take up law as your career. If you want your law career to sky-rocket from the very beginning, then joining CLATapult, a CLAT coaching center in Kolkata, is your best bet.

Mocks and Tests by CLAT Coaching in Kolkata

Practice makes a man perfect! With the CLAT  exam date in 2021 drawing closer, it is time to brace yourself, to hone your skills to perfection. We provide hundreds of CLAT sample papers and take-home worksheets; with new mock tests being added every week! As mentioned before, mock tests are your way to success when it comes to CLAT. With constant practice, you will be prepared much before the CLAT exam 2021.

Constant GK and Current Affairs Updates for CLAT Exam 2021 [UPDATED]

We know it’s hard to keep track of all that’s happening in the big, wide world, whilst simultaneously preparing for your Boards and Pre-Boards and what not! So, we vowed to make your life easier with CLAT  sample papers, which will help you in understanding the course and the upcoming exam much better. With so many CLAT  sample papers available for download, we encourage you to practice as much as possible with the help of our CLAT coaching classes in Salt Lake Branch or in Gariahat, South Kolkata. 

If you are in Gariahat, South Kolkata, look us up on the internet by simply Googling, “CLAT  coaching near me,” and we will be there, we promise!

We offer the best CLAT tuitions in Kolkata because we care for our students. With CLATapult, you will have multiple centers to choose from to save you from that fatigue, coupled with affordable CLAT coaching fees. In case you have any query, comment or just want to contact us for help, please drop in an email at 📩
or Call us at ☎️ +91 – 990 363 55 33




✅1# CLAT Coaching Class Salt Lake

Let’s face facts! Some of us are good in English, some like Logic more, (there are also those math-loving aliens!). Before you start your final battle with CLAT, be very clear on your SWOT – Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat. Eleventh-hour preparations seldom help in competitive exams. Go through the CLAT sample papers, understand how the pattern changes every year. Study the trick questions and hone everything by taking mock tests. Clatapult courses will help you brush up your fortes and improve your mock scores.

Our students have ample guidance throughout the course and our experts are more than willing to clear all their queries. If you are looking for the best CLAT  coaching center in Kolkata, your quest ends right here. With hands-on coaching and guidance for our students, it won’t be wrong if we boast of being the best CLAT tuition in Kolkata. There is a lot to understand about the marking system; CLAT  coaching classes in Kolkata will train you to handle the CLAT entrance exam like a pro

 ✅2# CLAT Coaching Center Bidhannagar

So, you want to see yourself in a top-tier NLU from where you will emerge with a six-digit salary package? How do you do that? By securing a decent rank. And the only way to do that is to get as many questions correct. See a difficult question? Skip it. Algebra question seems doable but you just can’t recall the formula? Skip it. (CLAT comes with a “Mark for Later” option). The synonyms set seems easy? Do that. That blood relationship problem looks familiar? Ace it. CLAT is all about the total number of questions you got right. Being the best CLAT coaching center in Kolkata, Clatapult will help you in championing the question paper.

There is enough CLAT study material, which can help you in cracking the entrance paper in the very first go. You can go through various question papers made by CLAT coaching institute in Kolkata and practice as much as possible. As mentioned above, practice makes perfect!


With 5 sections and countless topics in each of them, CLAT is the blue whale of entrance exams! Well, you need to join the best CLAT coaching center in Kolkata, to devour the whale; one bit at a time! It is a time-taking, slightly grueling process, but you will get there! To crack the paper, you need to be motivated, hardworking and most importantly confident. CLAT coaching in Kolkata trains you to be all that and much more!

When you are reading GK as one of the subjects in law coaching and come across a fact which looks important, note it down. A tricky legal reasoning question in the mock? Note it down. Maintain separate notes or copies for each topic and revise them periodically. In the penultimate week before CLAT, the shorthand notes given by your CLAT coaching in Kolkata are going to be your greatest ally.

✅4# Get Best Classes for CLAT 2021-2021

Jittery nerves and crushing morale are the side effects of CLAT. Who can blame you? Those 2 hours will decide your next 5 years and your entire life. But DO NOT panic! Remember, worrying is like a rocking horse; it keeps you in motion but gets you nowhere. With regular visits to your CLAT classes in Kolkata, you can shun all your worry. Other than, the CLAT coaching classes, you will also be able to get an amazing course for CLAT 2021 that will eventually help you significantly in CLAT 2021.

Before the big day arrives, drink plenty of water, have a snack, pack you admit card and stationery a day beforehand and most importantly,  try to reach the center at least 30 minutes before reporting time. This may seem clichéd but, leave nothing to chance on D-Day. The mentors at your CLAT classes in Kolkata will recommend these guidelines as well.


Hurry up for CLAT Coaching in Kolkata


    Meet our Team at CLATapult Kolkata

    Ashika Jain
    Ashika Jain
    Faculty - Logic
    Aditya Rajgopal
    Aditya Rajgopal
    Faculty - Legal
    Sreeja Sengupta
    Sreeja Sengupta
    Faculty - Logic
    Ananya Nigam
    Ananya Nigam
    Faculty - Legal Aptitude
    Apoorva Singh
    Apoorva Singh
    Faculty - GK
    Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar
    Faculty - GK
    Aanchal Kabra
    Aanchal Kabra
    Faculty - Legal Aptitude
    Tejas Popat
    Tejas Popat
    Faculty - Legal Aptitude

    Why Join CLAT Coaching in Kolkata?

    We, at CLATapult, present to you the best CLAT coaching in Kolkata. We have been the no. 1 ranked law coaching institute in Kolkata, West Bengal for 9+ years now. At CLATapult Kolkata, we strive to offer you the best CLAT coaching in Kolkata to help you get ranked in CLAT 2021. Having said that, we need you to acknowledge that cracking the CLAT exam is not a cakewalk. The rigorous effort combined with a smart approach is the only route to make it through. At CLATapult, we’ll make your CLAT preparation for 2021- 2022 easier by not only inspiring you with our law coaching classes but also help you channelize your effort in the right direction. 

    Enroll for CLAT Classes for 2021- 2022 by CLATapult Kolkata

    Finding an effective Course for CLAT 2022 is challenging to say the least. Our teams of Faculty and Content Creators put in a huge and consistent effort into making the Course for CLAT 2022 the finest. With 26 modules consisting of the most suitable aptitude questionnaires, covering the entire new syllabus for CLAT 2022, our class materials will help you do significantly well in CLAT 2022. Additionally, the 60 mocks and 100s of Sectional Tests, Worksheets, Current Affairs Monthly Magazines, 300+ Recorded Lectures covering the entire CLAT syllabus, combined with the Regular Live Classes, will provide you with the best opportunity to do well in CLAT.

    Which is the Best Institute for a Classroom Course for CLAT 2022 in Kolkata?

    CLATapult, undoubtedly, has the finest bunch of faculty and study materials. Given its track-record of providing the best results in Kolkata in CLAT since half a decade now, you can count CLATapult as the most bankable place to prepare for CLAT. We have designed our 1 Year couse for CLAT 2022 in a manner that will not only make the process easier but interesting and enjoyable too. Basically, we, at CLATapult, are busting the myths associated with cracking the CLAT exam.

    Solving the past years’ papers, working on one’s Time Management (remember, 150 questions in 120 minutes), dealing with the widest possible variety of questions in the mocks, working on one’s accuracy are some of the many aspects that CLATapult will assist you with, in the Class for CLAT 2022. 

    In doing so, CLATapult has redefined CLAT Coaching in Kolkata and, in the whole country.

    How Do Some of Our Students from the CLAT Classroom Coaching programs clear the CLAT Exam Without Taking a Drop?

    We have designed our classes for CLAT 2022 in a way that makes it highly likely to clear the exam. We will pursue a holistic approach to complete the 2022 CLAT syllabus without leaving any stone unturned from our end through our course is we leave no stone unturned. We provide them with guidance through the team of our assiduous teachers who have a thorough knowledge of the CLAT 2022 syllabus.

    Which is the Best Coaching Institute for CLAT 2022 Coaching in Kolkata?

    We, statistically speaking, are the best institute for CLAT coaching in Kolkata. If you are wondering why then just come to us and you will find it by yourself. We provide you with a tremendous facility of taking education. We have teachers who fulfil our claim of being the best institute for CLAT 2021 coaching in Kolkata. We have many students coming from various parts of Kolkata who aspire to join the national law university. However, due to a lack of proper coaching, the results of CLAT for Kolkata aspirants were not up to the mark. However, since we took the charge of providing education for the LLB entrance exam, the scenario has changed completely.

    We knew that with proper guidance, the CLAT result of Kolkata aspirants will change drastically. We are proud to be the pioneers of that change. With the guidance of our experienced teachers who have cleared this exam personally, you will clear the common law admission test with ease. Our CLAT test series is prepared in a way that it will help you to bring out the best in you. That is why if you are looking for CLAT 2021 coaching, look no further because CLATapult is the place where you have to join if you want to clear the exam easily.

    How to Prepare for CLAT 2021 in Kolkata?

    One of the main problems with the CLAT preparation of the students of Kolkata is they have no ideas on how to prepare for the CLAT. Basically, they find CLAT exam syllabus confusing and huge and because of that, they drop the idea of attempting the exam. However, we, at CLATapult, are here to guide you with the best CLAT preparation books through which you will prepare for CLAT easily. If you are wondering how to prepare for CLAT 2021 then you have to come to us because CLAT has a huge syllabus which should be covered in a smart way.

    Those who have cleared the exam in the past have not read the whole CLAT syllabus. We know that because our teachers have cracked this exam before and they know what you have to do to get LLB admission. So, when you come to us, we will make sure that you study only that portion from where you will get the questions in the law entrance exam. We know that you get confused by the vast syllabus and wonder how to prepare for CLAT 2021. You can rest assured that by joining CLATapult, you will take the first significant step of clearing CLAT.

    Which Coaching Should You Join for a CLAT Class for 2021 in Kolkata?

    When it comes to providing a CLAT course in Kolkata, we, at CLATapult are the best coaching institute that you can have. We understand that you cannot spend that much time in CLAT coaching in Kolkata class because you have other commitments. There are many other coaching institutes that provide CLAT course coaching. However, their classes is basically a revision for their regular students. So, when you join their CLAT coaching, you will not be able to understand anything through their class. This is exactly where we, at CLATapult is different. We will provide you with the best LLB class course.

    We design our CLAT class in a way that those who have not studied for the whole year could get a grip on the topic and excel in the exam. That is how efficient our CLAT study material is. If you are looking for the best coching center for CLAT then CLATapult is here for you. From us, you will be able to learn from the best books for CLAT which will enhance your chances of clearing the exam. We are all about CLAT exam preparation and creating a blueprint for making you a CLAT success.

    Should You Go for the Coaching Class for CLAT 2021 in Kolkata?

    When someone recommends you to avail our classes for CLAT 2021, you will have this question in mind. Apparently, it will seem like it is not worth it to go for a course for CLAT. However, if you want to crack the LLB entrance exam and doing that without any preparation is just not possible. Even if you are preparing through self-study, at the end of the day, you will need to appear on the CLAT mock test for good preparation. By taking up our classes you take a major step in pursuing your dream of becoming a BA LLB.

    We create our classes structure for CLAT 2021 in a way that you will not have to study for 16 hours a day to crack CLAT. Basically, our course is a myth breaker that will tell you the importance of smart study rather than a hard study. Once you have availed our LLB course, you will find out that studying for 14 to 16 hours is like wasting your time which you can invest in something better. We have the top teachers who have personal experience in clearing the CLAT exam and are now catering their knowledge and experience of their journey of becoming a CLAT topper. So, by joining our coaching classes, you will take one huge step towards the national law university.

    How Should You Begin CLAT Coaching in Kolkata for 2022?

    Many might tell you to opt for self-study, but we, at CLATapult, will never recommend that for your CLAT 2021 preparation. First of all, ask yourself, is the expert and do you know everything about preparing for the law entrance exam? Absolutely not and if you want to be regarded as a success in CLAT preparation then you have to be true to yourself. The CLAT exam syllabus is huge and finishing that is literally impossible for a single human being. So, you have to ensure that you opt for smart study for your CLAT prep because that is the only way of clearing it.

    When the CLAT exam date comes closer, you will look up to someone to give your motivation and last minute tips for LLB entrance exam. That is why without any hesitation and wasting your time, you should come to us at CLATapult for your CLAT 2021 preparation. If you see our success rate you will be compelled to join us for your CLAT preparation. We provide you with the right platform from where you can get admission to the best law colleges in India. We don’t ensure your success, we work as a pioneer in navigating you towards clearing the CLAT exam.

    Where to Find the Best Law Entrance Coaching in Kolkata?

    Finding a law Entrance Coaching in Kolkata is quite tricky with each passing year we see that every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Rabbit came up with a CLAT coaching business. But then, rather than providing value in their Law Entrance Coaching, all they cared about is “MONEY”. This is why CLATapult came into being, we never really run after money. All we cared about was creating law-minded people to gather together and create an amazing atmosphere for all CLAT aspirants. Even, a Quora answer will help you out in understanding why CLATapult is the best law entrance coaching center in Kolkata today.

    CLATapult Kolkata provides amazing CLAT Classes in 2021! 

    If you are looking to clear CLAT exam 2021 then you will be looking to find out about the best books for CLAT preparation. Yes, the books do help in your preparation. However, the thing that helps more than books is proper guidance. So, if you only depend on books and wonder how to prepare for CLAT then, frankly speaking, it will not help you. If you want to have the best CLAT preparation tips from the experts then join the CLAT classes in 2021 of CLATapult.

    In these CLAT classes, you are getting assistance from the best teachers for CLAT coaching in Kolkata. Our teachers have designed this CLAT classes 2021 by keeping in mind the latest trend of the questions asked in the CLAT exams which will pave the way for your admission to the top universities for law in the country. When you take our LAW entrance training, your CLAT paper will become as easy as you like. We, at CLATapult, can provide you with CLAT video training as well.

    CLATapult: Your One-Stop Destination for CLAT coaching in Kolkata

    You might find CLAT preparation tips from anywhere but to implement them in a proper way, you will definitely need guidance. That is why we at CLATapult should be your go-to destination in Kolkata for CLAT coaching. Even if you are looking to pursue CLAT after graduation, we can help you with that. We are the best CLAT institute in Kolkata because we know what it takes to clear CLAT. If you join our CLAT classes for 2021, your journey towards the national law college will become smoother.

    So, without any further delay, contact us at CLATapult and take your first significant step towards clearing CLAT, which is the toughest exam in the country, by joining our CLAT classes for 2021, if you wish to come down to our CLATapult Salt Lake branch then click here for driving navigation.



    • Why should you join CLATapult Kolkata?
      CLATapult is the best CLAT coaching center in Kolkata with more than 300 students. They acquired the best clat ranks in Kolkata, West Bengal. Hence, Clatapult should be your final destination for the law coaching or CLAT 2021 exam.
    • Why CLATapult is so popular among students?
      In 2019 Over 30 students from CLATapult in the top 8 colleges. CLATapult continues its dominance in Kolkata, West Bengal. So, if you can say if its CLAT then its CLATapult.
    • Does CLATapult offer useful CLAT classes for 2021?
      Yes, CLATapult is offering high-value CLAT classes for the 2021 CLAT exam. In fact, due to their amazing study materials, students enroll for their premium CLAT coaching classes in 2021 like hotcakes.
    • What will I get when I enroll in CLAT Coaching classes for 2021?
      At CLATapult, we’re offering premium CLAT coaching classes for the 2021-2022 CLAT session. Call us at our official number to get admission today.

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